Interim Service
6,000 MILES /
inc vat
Full Service
12,000 Miles /
12 Months
inc vat
Ultra Service
24,000 MILES /
inc vat

Car Servicing

Here at Automotion Service Centre, we offer a selection of service options for you and your vehicle

From a simple oil and filter change to an extensive full service. All parts used are of your cars manufacturers recommended quality including the engine oil. If your vehicle is still under warranty, not a problem, here at Automotion our fully trained technicians can carry out the work required without invalidating any warranties.

Having your car serviced each year and maintaining it between services is money well spent. Problems are likely to be caught early on, and your car will have a better resale value and longer life. A well-maintained car is also more efficient, so you will save money on fuel as well. You can rest assured that your vehicle will have the correct grade of oil and all parts fitted will be of O.E quality.

It is our duty of care to carry out a vehicle health check to every vehicle and advise you of any repairs needed.

Service options

Here is a brief description of our servicing options, please see the service checklist below for a detailed breakdown of what’s included in your chosen service.”

An interim service is a less extensive service that checks over the main parts of your car, and it should be carried out every 6 months or every 6,000 miles.

full service is a complete check of the whole car, which should be carried out annually or every 12,000 miles. If required your vehicle will have its air filter and diesel filter changed, if your vehicle is a petrol it will have its spark plugs replaced.

A ultra service is our all in one service, it should be carried out every 24 months or 24,000 miles, it includes everything a full service offers with the additional extras of a brake fluid service and pollen/cabin filter change.

RAC Approved Garage - Sudbury, Suffolk

Automotion are an
RAC Approved Garage

Car Service Details

Depending on the vehicles mileage and service history we can advise what service your vehicle requires possibly saving you money. Modern vehicles, along with oil technology and the advancement of service parts means service components have a varied lifespan.

For a bespoke quotation, contact one of the team with your vehicle registration and current mileage and we will be more than happy to provide you an itemised breakdown of you vehicles requirements. Alternatively please see our menu pricing table below to give you an indication of approximate costing.

Interim Service
6,000 MILES /
inc vat
Full Service
12,000 Miles /
12 Months
inc vat
Ultra Service
24,000 MILES /
inc vat
*please note, prices From, they may vary depending on oil quantity and quality required,
please contact us for an accurate quotation.
Add an MOT to any service and only pay £25.00. vat exempt
Normal price £35.00
Add an Air conditioning service to any service package and only pay £36.00 including vat *depending on gas type and amount required.
Normal price £48.00 including VAT
ADAS package, have your four-wheel alignment and ADAS calibration for £240.00 inc vat

Automotion SERVICE

Interim Car Service, Sudbury, Suffolk - Automotion Service Centre
Interim Service
46 Point check
Full Car Service, Sudbury, Suffolk - Automotion Service Centre
Full Service
71 Point check
Ultra Car Service, Sudbury, Suffolk - Automotion Service Centre
Ultra Service
74 Point check

Carry out visual body check and report damage

Carry out road test

Check all wheels and trims (if fitted) for damage

Check brake operation

Check clutch operation

Carry out check to gearbox functionality

Check all steering controls and condition

Drain oil and re-fill with correct grade oil

Replace oil filter

Replace sump washer

Carry out visual checks for oil leaks and report

Check timing belt replacement times/mileage and report

Top up coolant if required

Check fuel filter replacement times and report

Check clutch fluid and top up if needed

Check driveshaft gaiter condition and report

Visual check for vehicle smoke

Check and report on radiator condition

Check radiator cap seal

Check fan and alternator belt tension

Check condition of auxiliary belt

Replace air filter and clean housing

Check fuel cap seal condition

Carry out visual check to the fuel lines

Carry out visual inspection of ignition system/ht leads (if applicable)

Carry out visual check to brake pads

Check brake caliper condition and check for leaks

Report on condition of foot pedal rubbers

Full visual inspection of brake pipes including flexi hoses

Check brake fluid and top up if needed, report on replacement times

Visual inspection of brake discs and or drums and report on condition

Grease prop shaft if applicable

Check and report service times of gearbox oil

Check and report service times of differential and transfer box oils

Check the brake servo operation

Full brake fluid service and bleed system

Carry out alternator charge rate and report

Check power steering fluid and top up if needed

Check steering rack and all other steering components

Check all suspension components

Check wheel bearings

Check tyre condition tread depth and signs of damage (including spare if applicable)

Check tyre pressures including spare and report on canister expiry date if no spare

Check the tyre condition and tread depth (including spare tyre)

Check tyre size on all fitted wheels

Carry out check to windscreen wipers

Screen washer operation

Rear wiper blade if fitted to vehicle

Check cabin filter if required

Replace cabin filter

Check dash warning lights

Check all exterior lights

Check cabin filter and replace if required

Check battery condition including print out

Check horn functionality

Report on windscreen condition, damage and chips

Check all external and internal mirror condition

Check number plate condition

Check seat belt functionality front and rear

Lubricate door hinges

Check external door lock operation

Lubricate door hinges

Lubricate bonnet catch

Check and report glow plug warning lamp functionality (if applicable)

Reset service light

Stamp your service book



Collection & Delivery Services

We offer a door to door collection and delivery service. Helping you to keep the inconvenience of having your vehicle serviced or repaired to a minimum. We will collect your vehicle, carry out any repairs you require and deliver it back to you at your convenience.

We can also offer a lift service to your place of work or into town with a pickup service when the work on your vehicle is completed.

Please call 01787 734000 to arrange any of these services.

All our calls are recorded for training and quality purposes

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